Auto Tech SkillsUSA

THS Auto Tech SkillsUSA is sponsored by Mr. Rick McCracken. Mr. McCracken can be reached via email at or by calling 281-592-7739


SkillsUSA meetings are held on Tuesday mornings and after school on Thursday to work on projects. 

Congratulations to the following students who are certified as an All Data Information Specialist:

Pictured are: Ricardo Diaz, Clay Jones, Travis Curtis, Cazden McIntyre, Cody Fitzgerald, Justin Ross, Abram Furnas, Caleb Smith, Sean Godkins, Kaden Smith, Cameron Gregory, Joko Sullivan, Noah Janczak, Christopher Thornton, Logan Vandver, Cameron Watts and Dylan Watts

Congratulations to the following Tarkington High School students for earning their SP2 Safety Certifications in Energy Power and Transportation courses.

Pictured below are: Damion Choate, Juana Bautista, David Byers, Marshall Carnes, Timothy Carruthers, Dustin Castleberry, Conner Clifton, Trent Coats, Austin Denton, Jeffrey Kay, Hunter Koen, Jasper McNary, Matthew Mercado, Carter O’Briant, Kelvin Palmer, William Parish, Jace Pickett, Matthew Stenger, Hunter Trahan, Aaron Vien and Joseph Wells


THS automotive technology students recently competed at UTI against 43 teams. 
Branson Macdonald and Thomas Haynes placed 5th and each received a $1,000 scholarship.
Dylan Havard and Tyler Sumpter placed 7th and each received a $1,000 scholarship. 
Noah Janczak and Jacob Deplois placed 12th.

Great job Longhorns!

On Saturday, March 25 the Tarkington High School Motor Sports team had their first car show. There were 25 vehicles that showed up and competed from all over Texas. Students made their own trophys that recieved a great round of applause from the crowd. Congratulations to these students!!


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