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The THS Book Fair is coming to your THS library, Monday-Friday, December 10-14. You can also shop online between now and Sunday, December 2, for free school delivery prior to the holidays! Community members are welcome, but must check in at the office, first. See you at the book fair!

**2018 Fall Semester Exams are as follows:**

Wednesday, Dec 19
1 period- 7:55-8:35
2 period- 8:39-9:25 
3 period- 9:29-10:33 EXAM
4 period- 10:37-11:17
5 period- 11:17-11:47 A Lunch 
               11:47-12:17 B Lunch
               12:17-12:47 C Lunch
6 period- 12:51-2:01 EXAM
7 period- 2:05-2:45 
8 period- 2:49-3:39 

Thursday, Dec 20

1 period- 7:55 - 9:05 EXAM
2 period- 9:09 - 9:37
3 period- 9:41 - 10:09
4 period - 10:13 – 11:23 EXAM
5 period- 11:27 - 11:57 A Lunch
               11:57 - 12:27 B Lunch
               12:27 - 12:57 C Lunch
6 period- 1:01 – 1:41
7 period - 1:44 - 2:25
8 period- 2:29 – 3:39 EXAM

Friday, Dec 21 (Early Release)
5 period- 7:55-9:05 EXAM
2 period- 9:09-10:19 EXAM
7 period- 10:23-11:33 EXAM
6 period – 11:33-12:06 A Lunch 
                 12:06-12:38 B Lunch
                 12:38-1:10 C Lunch

  • All final exams must be given during their scheduled time.
  • All students should remain in their classrooms until each exam period is complete.
  • Friday lunches are during 6th period classes.




Seniors & Parents

Scholarship opportunities are added to the scholarship page (found under Parent/Student Resources, go to the Counseling page) as they come in. Make sure you check the page periodically for scholarship opportunities or you may go to the Counseling office. There is an advisor from Kingwood College at THS every Thursday to meet with students. If you are interested in meeting with him, go to the counseling office and fill out a request to see him. 

Seniors, if you are currently applying to colleges and need help with your essays, please stop by and make an appointment with Mrs. Abke at or Ms. Brown at for more questions and support. To be considered for the most scholarship monies given out by colleges, the applications' deadlines are generally the beginning of November or December. See your college's website for specific deadlines. If you haven't started your application yet, now is the time to do so at


Tarkington High School received distinction designations from TEA for Academic Achievement in Social Studies, Reading/ELA, Science, and Top 25% in Closing Performance Gaps. Tarkington High School Principal, Lisa Stephens, would like to congratulate the staff and students for achieving a new standard of excellence for the high school. Tarkington High School has received 11 academic distinctions from TEA over the past 4 years. However, this is the first year that Tarkington High School has received Distinctions in 4 areas in a single year and represents the collective efforts of our students, parents, staff, and the school board of Tarkington ISD. Congratulations for your outstanding achievements THS and GO Horns!!



Tarkington High School Administration


        Principal                     Assistant Principal                  Counselor (A-L)               Counselor (M-Z)

     Lisa Stephens                  Aubrey Vaughan                     Tamara Abke                    Madison Brown




THS Campus Calendar

Upcoming Events

Contact Information

Tarkington High School
2770 FM 163
Cleveland, Texas 77327
Phone: 281-592-7739
Fax: 281-592-0693

Business Partners

Student Hours

7:55 am - 3:39 pm

Tutorials are available every morning from 7:30 - 7:55 & afternoon from 3:39 - 4:00

Please see the Teacher Tutorial Time form located under the Student/Parent Resources tab for specific days and times.

THS Vision

Providing a premiere education that develops life-long learners who contribute positively to world-change through social and civic responsibility and are capable of leading in a global society.

THS Mission Statement

Empowering students with skills to compete in an ever-evolving global community within a safe, supportive, and diverse learning environment.

THS Values & Beliefs

* Exhibit school pride
* Fostering professional & personal growth
* Believe in all students
* Fairness, honesty and respect for all stakeholders
* Celebrate & support student success
* Promote rigorous and relevant instruction
* Expect high achievement for all
* Collaboration with all stakeholders
* Consistent & equitable classroom management
* Technological advancement and integration for all stakeholders
* Student-centric decision making
* Protection of instructional time


Teacher of the Month

August – Laurie Williams
Sept – Terri Audilet
Oct – Kori Anderson









Paraprofessional of the Month

August – Jessica Herndon
Sept – Joni Baker
Oct – Christy Sanford