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Daily Schedule

Tutorials - 7:30 - 7:50 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

1st Period - Inclusion

2nd Period - CCL

3rd Period - Inclusion

4th Period - English II

5th Period - English I

6th Period - English III/IV

7th Period - Inclusion

8th Period - Conference


                                                                                    Angerstein 2014-15

Applied English

Course Description

Applied English is an individualized modified curriculum based on IEP.

This course concentrates on the fundamental language skills of reading, writing, conventions of written and oral language, research, and listening/speaking in an effort to build a foundation for student success. Students practice both reading and writing as a process and perform an array of reading strategies as they work to become proficient in understanding and responding appropriately to a variety of texts. Students refine their reading comprehension skills through the study of fiction, literary nonfiction,

poetry, drama, and informational text throughout the year. Students write for varied audiences and purposes and work to develop ideas, voice, word choice, fluency and organization in their writing while applying conventions of the English language. Throughout the year, students develop skills to enhance media literacy.


English-Classroom Rules and Procedures




            1.  Arrive to class on time with materials.

            2.  Be respectful of others.

            3.  Remain seated in class unless given permission.

            4.  Remain quiet while teacher is talking and while working on assignments.




            1.  Turn in completed work to specified tray.

            2.  Bring required folder to class every day.

                        a. Folder check everyday(folder is worth 20pts. Each day)

                        b. You will be given weekly grade for folders.

                        c. This grade will be based on your bringing assignments to work on in class.

            3.  You are allowed 3 restroom breaks per semester.

            4.  If you are late to class you will not be let in without a pass.




            1.  Some of the work we do is based on the computer.

            2.  You will be responsible for a unit a week.  This includes:

                        a.  definitions

                        b.  Computer lesson: passing all 5 parts.

                        c.  Vocabulary and spelling quizzes(Thursday).  

                             1.  Must make an 80 or better on Thursday quiz. 

                             2.  Retake on Friday if not better that an 80 on Thursday.

3.  You will be given a warmup/ writing journal to complete your daily warmups. Make sure you date and number each warmup.

4.  You will also have a vocabulary/notes notebook to write all vocabulary and notes  for this English course. Both the vocabulary and warm up notebooks are to be kept  In my room unless taken before test to study. 

5.  DO NOT download games or music on the computers. DO NOT change the

                  screensavers or wallpaper on the computer because this can cause a virus on the

                  computer. This is your warning! You will be written up.


            ** I will be checking all of your grades for each class to make sure you are doing well in

                  all of your classes.

            ** All I ask is that you try your best, complete your assignments; and treat me and the class with                          respect.

Dawn Angerstein

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