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Supplies and Syllabus

Supplies--Listed below are the school supplies you must have for English class, some of which you will need to replenish                      throughout the year:

          ~1—1 1/2—2 inch 3 ring binder—NO FOLDERS—NO POCKETS  (Nothing in English class will ever be stored in a              folder or pocket.)

          ~ 5 dividers

          ~wide ruled loose leaf paper or wide ruled perforated spiral paper/ NO SPIRAL edged paper will be accepted and NO                college ruled paper will be accepted

          ~pencils, black and red pens

          ~pink, blue, and green highlighter

          ~composition book—any color

 **You are expected to come to class every day with the above supplies.  If you run out of supplies during class, I have some   you may use until you replenish your supplies.  Please don’t think you have to have brand new supplies!  It is perfectly fine to use anything you have left over from last year---including binders and dividers!**  

Items you may like to have for English class:

          ~monthlyplanner/agenda (I strongly encourage you to get one of these so you can use it for every class.  I have a                      handout you can get each month to keep in your binder if you prefer.  If you purchase a monthly planner/agenda,                      make sure the boxes are large enough to write 2-6 words.)

          ~3 hole punch to keep in your binder (They look something like a ruler.)

          ~ pencil pouch to keep in your binder                                       

          ~ruler to keep in your divider 


          ~colored pencils

Item that would be greatly appreciated for classroom use for all students:

          ~a box of tissues

Textbook--I have a class set of Literature books for us to use, but I suggest you go to the Library and check out a Literature                      book to take home.  You will return it at the end of the year.  You may access the book online:                                           


                  1st Six Weeks

                    Short Stories~~Literary Terms~~Vocabulary~~Grammar~~Types of Sentences~~Expository Writing

                     2nd Six Weeks

                     Poetry~~Drama~~Literary Terms~~Vocabulary~~SAT Challenge~~Grammar~~Revision/Editing~~Writing

                     3rd Six Weeks

                    Drama~~Using Informational Text~~Literary Terms~~Vocabulary~~SATChallenge~~Grammar~~Revision/Editing~~  Writing

                      4th Six Weeks

                     Using Informational Text~~Intentional Persuasion~~Review Skills and Strategies~~Literary Terms~~Vocabulary~~                                    Grammar~~Revision/Editing~~Expository writing

                       5th Six Weeks

                      Genre Connections~~College and Career Literacy~~Review Skills and Strategies~~Literary Terms~~Vocabulary                                      Grammar~~Revision/Editing

                        6th Six Weeks

                       Research~~Literary Terms~~Vocabulary~~Grammar~~Revision/Editing