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English 4 Syllabus


Syllabus 2015-2016




Instructor:  Terri Audilet                  


Email Address:


Phone Number:



Room Number: 316



Conference Period: 5th



 Make-Up and Tutoring Times:

(A.M 7:30-7:50)  (P.M. 3:39-4:00)

Monday A.M. and P.M.

Tuesday A.M. and P.M.

Wednesday P.M.only

Friday A.M. and P.M.





Course Introduction

The year will consist of literature and composition with an emphasis on refining vocabulary, grammar, effective sentence structure, and critical thinking skills. The students will be given ample practice in the various modes of composition writing.

The year’s curriculum will include a survey of British Literature. We will study Beowulf, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and selected short prose and poetry within each literary era.


            1st 6 weeks -  The Anglo Saxon/Middle Ages Period                            4th 6 weeks - TBA


                                Good vs. Evil Paper


            2nd 6 weeks -   The Medieval Period                                                     5th 6 weeks TBA

                                 The Canterbury Tales


                                  Creative Writing Paper

                                The Renaissance Period




            3rd 6 weeks -  Macbeth Continued                                                        6th 6 weeks TBA

                                Tragic Hero Paper



Holt McDougal Literature, Grade 12 - can be accessed at

Grading and Assignment Policies


Grading Scale:

Summative Grades (Tests, Essays, Major Projects)                                                              60 %

  1. An average of 3 summative grades will be taken each 6 weeks.

Formative Grades (Homework, Classwork, Quizzes)                                                         Quizzes 25%

An average of 10 formative grades will be taken each 6 weeks.                                        Daily      15%



 Full grade credit will be given only for work submitted on the requested due date.

Work one day late will earn a grade no greater than 70.

Any work submitted more than one day late may earn a grade of zero.

This procedure does not affect make-up work due to excused absences.





 Redo/Retake Procedure

 If a student receives a failing grade on an assignment, the student has 5 days from the date that they receive notification of the failing grade to “redo” the work for a maximum grade of 70. The student may be required to attend tutorials and/or perform additional work in order to prepare to demonstrate mastery of the content.



Absences and Make-Up Work

Make-ups need to be completed on time.  The number of days you are absent is the number of days you have to complete your make-up work.  If you have been absent for one day, you have three days to complete all make-ups in English 4.

*** If you miss school and Return the day of a previously scheduled quiz or test, you must take it on the scheduled day.




  1. I use REMIND as a means of communication with students. This is a free app that is designed for teachers to text their students reminders, but students are not able to text back. Standard text messaging rates apply.
  2. Email is encouraged for communication between students and teacher, and parents and teacher.