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Jason Bowen

Welcome to my online class

Welcome to Art! After enjoying the long, warm summer, I am looking forward to the start of another new school year. Major projects for the sixth graders this year include optical illusions, clay pieces, and many sketches/paintings. Most of these projects coincide with learning from other subject areas, such as math, social studies, and literature. With student, parent, and instructor participation, we will have an art packed year!


Expectations for a Creative Environment

1. Each student will enter art room on time, with pencil and other classroom supplies.

2. Each student will show respect to self, others, and property.

3. Each student will clean tools, equipment, and area in which he/she is working.

4. Each student will not be allowed to have food, candy, gum, or drinks in the art room.



Appropriate behavior:

Verbal Praise (Daily)

Personal Notes (Randomly)

Small Rewards (Occasionally)

The Joy of Learning and Creating (Each day of the school year)

If a student CHOOSES to ignore an expectation:

1st time: Verbal Warning

2nd time: Call home and/or detention

3rd time: Student/ teacher or principal conference 

Certain behaviors such as injuring another person, vandalism, or unsafe behaviors will receive no warning before disciplinary action is taken.


Grading policy:

Each grade is composed of daily sketchbook work, tests, and projects. Assignments are based on a letter grading system. It is extremely important that students turn in all assignments completed to the best of their ability.



Several tools help students to be successful in art. Reviews for quizzes and tests, as well as study guides, are provided. Students are encouraged to use their assignment notebooks to organize and prepare.

Sufficient class time is provided for students to complete art assignments. However, a situation may arise for a student where extra time is needed. Arrangements can be made in advance of the due date, or upon return from an excused absence, to schedule time to complete work or check out supplies.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete all assignments to the best of his/her ability and to turn them in on time. Late assignments will be accepted, however, credit earned by the student will be reduced by one letter grade everyday the student does not come in to finish.


I look forward to working with you and your daughter/son. If you have any questions throughout this semester, please feel free to contact me at the middle school.






Jason A Bowen

6th Grade Art Education


High School  Art 1,2, and 3

Welcome to my online classroom.

Jason Bowen

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