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TVE Results:

Great job Tarkington!!



Faith Reynolds - 6th place

Market Rabbits-

Paige Erigan - 20th place

Market Sheep-

Class 1-

Keilee Day (Jr FFA)- 2nd place, Grand Champion Intermediate Showmanship

Class 2- 

Cayla Godejohn- 1st place, Reserve Champion Market Lamb

Ethan Vick- 2nd place, Grand Champion Senior Showmanship

Lauren Page (Jr FFA)- 6th place

Class 3- 

Tori Huckabay- 2nd place

Hannah Primeaux (Jr FFA)- 4th place

Shyane Parker- 5th place

Shelby Wooten- 6th place

Market Goats-

Kayla Morgan (Jr FFA)- 9th place

Adicin Morgan- 9th place

Cayla Godejohn- 6th place

Commercial Heifers-

Nathan Greak - 2nd place

Market Steers-

Tori Huckabay- 3rd place

Shyane Parker- 4th place

Chase Anderson- 1st place, Grand Champion Steer, Grand Champion Intermediate Showmanship

Home Economics-

Ethan Vick- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons

Layton Day (Jr FFA)- 1st place

Mckenzie Shirley (Jr FFA)- Reserve Champion PeeWee Art

Olivia Gilmore- Photography Participant

David Fuller- Cornbread Entry

Market Swine- 

Class 1-

Jenna Wolcik- 2nd place

Class 4

Keilee Day (Jr FFA)- 1st place, Light Weight Division Champion, Reserve Champion Intermediate Showmanship

Class 5- 

Rainni Waller- 4th place

Class 6- 

Natalie Luckey- 1st place

Tyler Hamic- 5th place

Class 7-

Kyle Reynolds (Jr FFA)- 6th place

Amy Scarborough- 1st place, Grand Champion Middle Weight Division, Reserve Champion Market Swine

Class 9- 

Cameron Luckey- 2nd place

Class 10-

Justin Scarborough (Jr FFA)- 7th place

Ryan McCormick- 1st place, Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Division, Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship

Breeding Beef-

Makaila Stutts (Jr FFA)- 1st in class, Grand Champion Angus Heifer, Grand Champion English Heifer

Caitlyn Stutts- 1st in class, Reserve Champion Angus Heifer

Rainni Waller- 3rd in class (Angus)

Tyler Hami- 3rd in class (Maintainer)

Tori Huckabay- 1st in class (Brahman)

Cayla Godejohn- 4th in class (AOB)

Livestock Judging-

Tarkington FFA #1- 6th place team

Tyler Hamic- 10th high individual

Cayla Godejohn- 11th high individual

Caitlyn Stutts

Amy Scarborough

Tarkington FFA #2- 12th place team

Ethan Vick- 1st place high individual

Savannah Dowdell

Alexia Casey


2017 Miss TVE Rodeo- Nina Rau- First Runner Up


1st place stall Awards- Tarkington FFA