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Welcome to the Tarkington High School Thundering Horns Band page.

If you have any questions regarding the band program, please contact Jeff Parma at



Members of the THS Thundering Horns Band have earned a spot on the All-Region band. 

Veronica Pena – 5th Chair Flute

Roseanna Files – 4th Chair Clarinet

Mackenzie Wells – 10th Chair Clarinet

Joseph Mobley – 1st Chair Bass Clarinet

Allyson Smith - 1st Chair Bassoon

Shalom Webb – 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone

Clarissa Wier – 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone

Kassidy Robinson – 2nd Chair Bari Saxophone

Juan Espinoza – 3rd Chair Trumpet

Salvador Cruz - 6th Chair Trumpet

Brianna Daily – 1st Chair French Horn

Kathia Preciado – 2nd Chair French Horn

Mia Shew – 4th Chair French Horn

Faith Parrish – 2nd Chair French Horn

Trista Squier - 3rd Chair Trombone

Austin King - 5th Chair Trombone

Brett Thomas - 6th Chair Trombone

Dylan Watts - 7th Chair Trombone

Codie Anderson - 1st Chair Bass Trombone

Cole White - 1st Chair Euphonium

Kaylin Ewing - 2nd Chair Euphonium

Maguire Herndon - 3rd Chair Tuba

Foster Brister - 4th Chair Tuba

Nathan Swaney - 1st Chair Percussion

Ivan Rodriguez – 5th Chair Percussion

Tyler Kelley - 6th Chair Percussion

Dustin Castleberry - 7th Chair Percussion


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